Cancellation Policy


You may cancel your booking at any time within the first 7 working days of making it (the “cooling off period”), unless you book within 7 working days of your arrival date.

Once the cooling off period has expired, you may still cancel your booking however if we are unable to re-let your Accommodation you will be liable for any outstanding booking on your booking form. The non-refundable deposit of 30% will not be refunded if you cancel within 7 working days before your arrival or if you cancel within 7 days of your arrival.

If you need to cancel you must inform us immediately by:

  1. emailing; or
  2. telephoning 07771 770011.

and we will endeavour to re-let all or part of the booked Accommodation for the period of your cancellation to enable a refund to you. Such refund will be for the price of the re-let booking which may be a lower price and for fewer days than your cancelled booking.

You are strongly advised to take out appropriate cancellation and travel insurance for your Accommodation. 

In the event a refund is payable, you will receive this within 21 days of notification by us that a refund is due from re-letting the booked Accommodation subject to our having your UK bank details. If your account is held overseas you are liable for the exchange rate from sterling into your country currency. If we receive your cancellation within 7 working days of making your booking and are thus within the cooling off period (168 hours) you will be refunded your 30% deposit before our having re-let the accommodation that you booked.