20 February 2024

Laundry Refill Revolution

We have researched and found a new Yorkshire Producer and become a part of their Laundry Refill Revolution. As we are always looking for new refill household products on the market that freshen our laundry wardrobe and reduce plastic we want to share this with you! 

Our new glass laundry and fabric conditioner bottles are filled and refilled with Miniml Fresh Linen scented liquids. 

The liquids are free from VOCs, chlorine bleaches, solvents, lanoline, sulphates, parabens and phosphates. Made without optical brighteners, this colourfast laundry liquid brightens whites and ensures that colours won’t fade or be washed out, and with a fresh linen scent, each drop of fabric conditioner is packed with delicate softening agents to protect and soften your clothes without irritating your skin.

Use 30ml for a light load, 40ml for a medium, and 50ml for a heavy load in your washing machine dispenser, or 1-2 capfuls in your washbowl or sink with warm water to soak and handwash your clothes.

The Producer pioneers at Miniml are committed to reducing domestic packaging waste and environment impact. For our part we purchase large quantities and refill your glass bottle regularly when cleaning your property.


Kitchen Refill Revolution

Our Miniml glass Eco-Friendly Wild Rhubarb and Lemon Washing-Up Liquid is gentle on your hands and the planet, while effectively removing dirt, grime and grease, and our glass Eco-Friendly Fresh Lavendar Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner is vegan and cruelty-free antibacterial spray that quickly removes kitchen surface bacteria.  Both are made without VOCs, chlorine bleaches, solvents, lanoline, sulphates, parabens and phosphates.

If you would like to discover more about this brand, Miniml, and their Personal Care Products visit: