Summer in our gardens

8 August 2018
Summer in our gardens

Our gardens are an extension of our houses. Each garden is inspired by the name of the house, the inspiration behind it and the colours we use throughout the house. 

Named after the developer William Whitwell who built much of Oundle in the 17th century, Whitwells Lodge’s garden has been designed with the landscape in mind. Filled with pear trees, variegated box and dahlias, the Cotswold stone paved patio and sycamore tree canopy mirror the rural Oundle countryside.

One of our most popular houses and gardens is the walled garden of Fenton. Inspired by the 17th century Fenton House in Hampstead, London, the herbs patch, climbing wisteria and bold roses come together to reflect the intimate nature of Fenton House.

Our gardens are such a part of our houses that we have designed them specifically, so our guests can cut flowers from the gardens to create their own beautiful bouquets in their house’s vases.

Whether it’s the use of lavender to bring out the delicate colouring in a house or variegated box to reflect the robust wooden beams in Aragon, our gardens are all individual. Which one do you prefer?